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School Placements

eaton tutors

We have had the pleasure of assisting many families in the choice and successful application to the top independent schools in the south east of England over the past 13 years.

Choosing the right school rests on a delicate balance between the ethos and culture of the school itself vis-à-vis the nature and sensibility of our proteges themselves. These subtle nuances are at the centre of what makes one school perfect for a particular child and inappropriate for another. Choosing the wrong school reduces the chances of admission but more importantly can adversely impact the child’s educational career in their most formative years.


This is why for us, at Eaton Tutors, meeting and assessing the student is at the very core of the process.  This is despite the fact that many traditional approaches to educational advice tend not to focus on the child’s perspective.


Our Solutions to League Tables

As tutors, we have learnt a great deal about the best schools in the south east of England over the years. Through this lived experience, we have developed a portfolio of schools which we update regularly to account for changes in staff and the like. We use this portfolio when assessing and advising families on the best schools for their children.


Alongside the more traditional choices such as Eton, St. Paul’s and Wycombe Abbey, we are also able to recommend smaller schools which offer an outstanding education for children who have particular interests or character types. From exceptional art departments or sports facilities to excellent science labs or well-furnished libraries, and excellent support for children with Special Educational Needs to excellent preparatory streams for Oxford and Cambridge.  We are certain we will help you find the best school for your child.


This invaluable information, not found in any of the published league tables, enables us to tailor our advice specifically for your child through an in depth assessment and discussions with you and your child.


Successful Applications

Gaining access to the upper echelons of the British independent education system is a competitive, complex and challenging process. Our approach is targeted, effective and entirely results driven.


Based on a combination of lived experience, constant contact with the establishments and consistent data analysis of application results and feedback received we ensure that each child is fully prepared for whatever assessment procedures are in place at their chosen school. We carry out formal assessments where required and extensive exam and interview preparation.

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