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Online Tutoring

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Online tuition has grown in importance over recent years and is likely to become even more important in the post-coronavirus era.

We have found that online tutoring is excellent, not simply for international families preparing to relocate to the UK but for boarders and also for those with busy extracurricular schedules or with particular needs. It also makes life easier for parents who are no longer “on call” to ferry their children around from session to session. Moreover, scheduling is completely flexible, and fits perfectly with modern students’ familiarity with online platforms.

Each session is tailor made, immersive and interactive. Live video streaming, desktop sharing and a whole host of online materials will make it feel as though we are there with your children.


As is the case with more respectable tutoring establishments we ensure that online tuition is undertaken to the same standard and degree of attentiveness, for the wellbeing of our students, as face-to-face tutoring. Students will always be taught by the same tutor so they are able to form that all-important bond allowing them to build trust in their tutors and feel inspired to learn from them.


Whether your child is taught online or in person, all students are granted access to our online resources which allows them access to videos, tests and worksheets to increase their understanding of the key topics they are studying.

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